FoPL Latest News A4 Poster


2014-03-01 FoPL Latest News A4 Poster.JPG

Poster, providing an ‘Update’, for March 2014 about the Pennard Librarysituation, what the “Pennard Library Action Group” has undertaken and achieved to date (q.v. their Report at, what has been stated/promised by the L.A.Councillor Nick Bradley, and also advising about a website created by the newly formed “Friends of Pennard Library “

Very Strange!

City & County of Swansea’s Swansea Libraries website

According to the information on the above CCoS website, “Pontarddulais Library will be closed from Monday 3 March 2014 to Saturday 15 March 2014, due to essential building maintenance.  It will re-open on Monday 17 March 2014. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please contact Library Line 01792 636464 for further details.”

Whilst by itself the wording of the article doesn’t appear to contain anything of note, as soon as one realises that in January 2014 Steve Hardman, Head of Libraries at City & County of Swansea stated that he “hasn’t had a budget for building maintenance since 2004“, makes the phrase “Pontarddulais Library will be closed”….”due to essential building maintenance“, extremely ‘suspect’, as one can’t help wondering not only where the £money came from for the “essential maintenance“, but also that if there was indeed £money available for Pontarddulais, how and why wasn’t it available for other Libraries who have been denied any form of maintenance for the last 10 years!