Suggestions Please

The Friends of Pennard Library (FoPL) believe that many of the inhabitants of Gower will have their own views on how Pennard Library will continue to be a vital part of everyone’s community, so this Suggestions page has been created especially so that you will have the chance to make your ideas known.

FoPL’s plans and ideas to date have included a Community Hub where the Library might be housed alongside a hub for other services, such as a cafe, a tourist information centre, a Citizen’s Advice Bureau,  a registrar service, an office for renting by local Businesses, homework clubs, exhibition space, film club etc.

Perhaps you have you own thoughts and ideas.  Maybe you want to learn something new and suggesting it here might lead to a class being run?  Whatever you think might be a great addition for Pennard Library to keep it in existence for many more years, please don’t be afraid to click on the Leave a Comment link below, and make your suggestions known.   Thank you.

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