Pennard Action Group Report

Background to the Report

In early December 2013, the City & County of Swansea (CCoS) stated that their funding from Welsh Government would be greatly reduced, and they had to cut back on various services in order to make savings (approx’ £25million in 2014-2015/2015-2016, and approx £45million in 2016-2017).  One of their many proposals was the closure of Pennard Library, the only library on Gower.

The communities of Pennard, Southgate, Kittle, Bishopston, Parkmill and all of South Gower, together with much of mid-Gower, were incensed by the CCoS’ proposal.  Very soon after learning about the Council’s intentions to close the Library, a very well-attended Public Meeting was held in mid-December, at which it was agreed that a working group should be formed to not only address the situation, but also to prove to CCoS the overpowering need for the continuation of the Library and its staff.  The Friends of Pennard Library (FoPL) was formed.

Another Public Meeting was arranged, and held on 13 January 2014 (over 200 people attended).  At that Public Meeting, Councillor Nick Bradley made the verbal promise thatPennard Library would not close in 2014 and that if the library were refurbished, then the librarian led service would remain” .  Following that meeting, FoPL subsequently met with Councillors and County Hall Library and other personnel, and a thorough and very detailed ‘Pennard Action Group Report‘ was drawn up and presented to CCoS before the 28 January 2014 deadline.

Mentioned within the Report  –  a full copy of which can be read on this website at this link  – are many reasoned arguments and facts for retaining the library and its staff.  The Report also goes into great detail on many associated topics, including ways and means by which the existing Library building could be extended and thus provide greater facilities.

Pennard Action Group Report

Pennard Action Group's Report (front cover)

Report Overview
Report Author
Recommendations Introduction
2.aaaThe LA’s Rationale for Closing Pennard Library
3.aaaThe Context of Pennard Library
4.aaaThe LA’s Statutory Obligations
aaa4.1aaaThe Minister’s expectation is that
aaa4.2aaaWPLS 1: Location of Service Points and Access to Them
aaa4.3aaa Swansea Library Audit 2012-2013
aaa4.4aaa Key Delivery Areas
aaa4.5aaa Library Buildings
aaaaaa4.5.1aaaGrants for Building Refurbishment
aaaaaa4.5.2aaaThe Morriston-Llansamlet Conundrum
aaa4.6aaaUnited Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
aaa4.7 aaaThe Case of the: Proposed closure of Eastham Library in relation to the Inquiry Terms of Reference and the Libraries Act 1964
5.aaaRural Deprivation
aaa5.1aaaWelsh Index of Multiple Deprivation 2011
aaa5.2aaaThe Impact Equality Assessment (EIA)
aaa5.3aaaDigital Deprivation
6.aaaCity and County of Swansea Policy Documents
aaa6.1aaaAnnual Review of Performance 2012-2013
aaa6.2aaaLibraries Inspire: the Strategic Development Framework for Welsh Libraries 2012-16
aaa6.3aaaLabour Manifesto
aaa6.4aaaSwansea’s Corporate Improvement Plan 2013-17

7.aaaStatistical Comparisons and Data Analysis
aaa7.1aaaComparisons between Pennard and Llansamlet: April -Sept 2013
aaa7.2aaaPopulation and Density
aaa7.3aaaLibrary Statistics
aaa7.4aaaFootfall, Issues, Requests and Library Income
aaa7.5aaaSummary of Pennard and Llansamlet Comparisons
aaa7.6aaaNew Users in Pennard
aaa7.7aaaGeography of Pennard and Llansamlet
aaa7.8aaaOpening Hours of Pennard and Llansamlet
aaa7.9aaaBooks issued in Swansea Libraries According to Population Density: 2012 – 2013
aaa7.10aaComputer Usage

8.aaaPotential Solutions and Recommendations ……..
aaa8.1aaaAvoiding Closure
aaa8.2aaaReducing Opening Hours Across the Library Service
aaa8.3aaaExtension Period to Consider Options
aaa8.4aaaFailure of Community Volunteer Model
aaa8.5aaaOne-Stop-Shop Model
aaa8.6aaaAccessing Available Grants
aaa8.7aaaUNCRC: Children’s Voice
aaa8.8aaaRehousing Options
aaa8.9aaaCosts of Decommissioning the Building
aaaaaaaAppendix 1a: Books issued per library, per person, per year, highlighting library positions
aaaaaaaAppendix 1b: Book issues per library, per person, per year, based on No. of registered users
aaaaaaaAppendix 2: Number of books issued per person per visit
aaaaaaaAppendix 3a, 3b, 3c: Percentage of population based number of registered users per library et al
aaaaaaaAppendix 4: Best ratio of computers available per registered user
aaaaaaaAppendix 5: Digital Deprivation
aaaaaaaAppendix 6: Health, Well-being and social benefits

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