First AGM of “Friends of Pennard Library” will be held on 26 April 2014


FoPL Flyer

Advance notice about the first Annual General Meeting of the “Friends of Pennard Library”, which is being held at Pennard Community Hall on Saturday, 26 April 2014, at 7.30pm.


FoPL Latest News A4 Poster


2014-03-01 FoPL Latest News A4 Poster.JPG

Poster, providing an ‘Update’, for March 2014 about the Pennard Librarysituation, what the “Pennard Library Action Group” has undertaken and achieved to date (q.v. their Report at, what has been stated/promised by the L.A.Councillor Nick Bradley, and also advising about a website created by the newly formed “Friends of Pennard Library “

Pennard Ward Newsletter Spring 2014 (p1)


2014-03-01 Pennard Ward Newsletter Spring 2014 (p1)

Page 1 of Councillor Lynda James’ Spring 2014 Newsletter, updating the Pennard Ward Community about the many projects happening in Pennard – including the Friends of Pennard Library (born out of the Pennard Library Working Group)