FoPL Shop’s Range of Drinks and Confectionery

cokeAs well as ice cream, the FoPL shop now sells chilled drinks and confectionery:
• Coca-Cola: 65p
• Fanta Orange: 59p
• Apple Tango: 49p
• San Pellegrino Limonata: 90p
Bottled Water
• Brecon Carreg: 60p

Confectionery Price List:
• Haribo Kiddies Supermix: 10p
• Milky Bar Kid: 25p
• Cadbury Freddo Caramel: 25p
• Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles: 50p
• Haribo Tangy Minions: £1
• Cadbury Twirl: 50p
• Kit Kat Chunky Milk: 2 for £1
• Cadbury Dairy Milk 110g Bar: £1
• Maltesers Treat Bag: £1
• Twix x4: £1
• Mars Bar x4: £1
• Snickers x4: £1

Two things that you can do to safeguard Pennard Library

  1. FoPL New LogoEvidence gathering: What does Pennard Library mean to you? Please can you write a few sentences – or more – on what Pennard Library means to you, and email it to:

Alternatively, call in to the FoPL Shop, and there are forms there that you can fill in. Head of Library Services can then present this evidence to councillors in order to further our cause.

2. Pennard Library needs 30 more visits per month to meet its targets. Very achievable – just 8 more people to visit the library every week. We can do this…

Friends of Pennard Library Charity Shop, Old Post Office, Southgate Road

Evening Post p2, 08.07.15Since 6th July, FoPL has been running a charity shop in Southgate’s Old Post office. In the first four weeks, we’ve raised £2,500 – which will all go to safeguarding our library service.

We have now set an ambitious target of raising £10,000 by Christmas – all of which will go to safeguarding our library service, and the costs of a new building. A few points to note:

  1. Lease: We are still negotiating with the Local Authority re. leasing the library site – though this is proving to be a difficult process.
  2. Where will the money go? People have asked what we’ll do with monies raised if our bid to save the library is unsuccessful. Whilst we remain confident that we will eventually be able to take on the running of the library, if this should prove to be impossible, then the trustees will call a meeting of FoPL members to decide which local charity the money should go to.
  3. Volunteers: In the meantime, the shop is going from strength-to-strength, with profits now averaging c.£90 per day. We have over 50 volunteers who are making this all possible. If you have a few hours to spare, why not volunteer yourself? Call in to the shop to sign up – our August rotas are still not full.
  4. Donations: All donations of good quality, saleable items are welcome – but no adult clothing or shoes thank you. Children’s clothing should just be top-notch items on hangers, rather than in bags.
  5. Books: Also, we’re having a moratorium on books at the moment – as we’re “booked out”. All books are buy-one-get-one-free, and we have a wide range of excellent titles. Hardbacks £1 and paperbacks 50p.
  6. Posters: At the library, there are some posters advertising the FoPL Shop. Posters have been put up in Pennard and Southgate. If you live in the other Gower villages, please can you take some posters to display in shops, pubs etc.?

In appreciation of the continued support of our community,

The FoPL Committee