In the absence of others’ personal memories, the following information has been extracted from two local (to Pennard, Gower) publications, details of which have been appended to the end of each quoted article.

The Library
In July 1966 it was agreed by the Gower Rural District Council that the building regulations for the proposed new part time branch library to be erected within the curtilage of Pennard County Primary School, complied with their requirements.  The plans having been approved resulted in the library being constructed and eventually opened on 6 May 1967.
In the thirty-two years of the library’s existence there have only been three persons in overall charge, the first being Mrs. Dilys Roderick.  On her retirement her duties were taken over by Mrs. Jill Evans and on her retirement Mrs. Pam Hopkins was appointed to the position and is, at present, still at the library.
At present, the library has in its collection approx. 13,000 to 14,000 volumes on its shelves covering all aspects from reference to fiction.”
Harding, W.J., A History of Pennard Parish up to the Second Millenium, (Southgate, Swansea, 2000) ISBN 0-9538365-0-9
A (borrowable) copy of this book is held at Pennard Library, Ref. 942.982 and the above reference to the Library was extracted from Chapter Five ‘ Services‘, page 70.

Pennard Library
Pennard Library was built on the Pennard School Campus and opened in May 1967.
It is extensively used by the School  –  where each class makes a weekly visit  –  and by the general public.  There are approximately 14,000 volumes on the shelves and they cover all aspects from reference to fiction.
Special events held during the year for adults and during the school holidays story-telling times are arranged by the Librarian, Mrs Pam Hopkins, and her team.
The topmost shelves are usually used to stage exhibitions of the work of local artists – be it painting, embroidery, stained glass work or other crafts.
‘Our Village 2000’ (Pennard, 2000) unpublished.
A (reference only) copy of this book is held at Pennard Library, Ref. S942.982 PEN Pages within the book are unnumbered, but Pennard Library is at the end of Section 5 ‘Community Hall and School Campus’

Library Opening Times
Mondayaaaaaaaa9 – 1aaaaaa[and]aaaaaa2 – 6
Wednesdayaaaaa9 – 1aaaaaa[and]aaaaaa2 – 5
Thursdayaaaaaaa9 – 1aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaClosed
Fridayaaaaaaaaaa9 – 1aaaaaa[and]aaaaaa2 – 6
Saturdayaaaaaal10 – 1aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaClosed

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