Services on offer at Pennard Library

OK, so everyone knows that Libraries are places to find, then read, or borrow to read Books on a wide range of subjects, and our library is no different to most, but to look at the City and County of Swansea’s webpage for Pennard Library one would be hard pressed to believe that apart from it being open on certain days of the week anything else was on offer.

Well, to start with, apart from books at Pennard, you probably already know that any book within any of the City and County of Swansea’s Libraries can be ordered, either from Pennard Library itself, or via the Swansea Libraries website.  Indeed, the contents of that website (fully accessible by logging in using information on your library card) allow for any book on that site to be ordered and delivered –  for collection by you at any library.

So, other than books, what else can I access, at Pennard Library?  Well, hopefully the following “A to Z of Online Resources” will provide you with a much better idea of what Pennard Library offers, and how you will be able to access same (Please Note, that where stated sites are also accessible from your home computer, [Pennard Library +@home] will be added at the end of each description) :

  • Access to research  Free online academic journals. Research a wide range of topics from Accountancy to Zoo Biology.  Access to research FAQ’s leaflet  (of interest might be that from the comfort of your own home you can see what journals are available  although to actually access and read them, you will have to go to Pennard Library and read them there on one of their computers).
  • Ancestry  The largest family history site online is available for free to library members in Pennard Library.
  • Ask Cymru is a free online service that allows you to ask a question of a trained librarian in Wales [Pennard Library +@home] .
  • The Cambrian [Index Online] was the first English-language newspaper to be published in Wales, running from 1804 – 1930 [Pennard Library +@home] .
  • CANS Accurate and up-to-date legal information on British and European law, benefits and pensions. Updated daily. Access is available [Pennard Library +@home] by entering library card number.
  • Credo Reference Library  This site provides access to 100’s of reference books online for free from dictionaries to encyclopaedias you can find them here. Access from [Pennard Library +@home] with your library card.
  • Encyclopedia Brittanica – Use this powerful resource to search or browse for information in encyclopedias, magazines, videos, and Web sites. This encyclopaedia can be accessed from [Pennard Library +@home] with your library card.  However, please note that there are different logging-in pages for different age groups, as well as dependant upon where you are, as follows:-   For use within Pennard Library:   Junior     Student     Adult ;     For use outside the library (i.e. @home):     Junior     Student     Adult
  • eBooks for Wales   If you are a member of Swansea Libraries, you can borrow e-books free from the comfort of your own home, using our new e-book service [Pennard Library +@home].
  • European Sources Online (ESO)  Find information on the institutions and activities of the European Union, its countries, regions and other agencies. Available in Pennard Library.
  • Find My Past  A genealogy website with over 650 million family history records. Available in Pennard Library.
  • Infotrac Journals  Mainstream and specialised journals available in full text and updated daily. Available Journals [Pennard Library +@home].
  • Infotrac Newstand  Easy access to comprehensive information on current events and news InfoTrac Newsstand is an innovative full-text newspaper resource [Pennard Library +@home].
  • National Library of Wales Online  Register online in order to gain access to the National Library of Wales numerous external resources you must have a valid reader’s ticket.  Reader self-registration is available here. [Pennard Library +@home].
  • Road to IELTS  Road to IELTS is a comprehensive 100% online preparation course designed by British Council IELTS experts [Pennard Library +@home].
  • Swansea Community Directory  Your online guide to local information, communities, groups and clubs. [Pennard Library +@home].
  • Theory Test Pro  A Driving theory resource online with official theory questions from the Driving standards agency. Available from [Pennard Library +@home] with your library card.
  • The Times Digital Archive  This archive is the “world’s newspaper of record” and covers all major international events. Access is available in [Pennard Library +@home].
  • Which?  Consumer information, buying guides and reviews from the most popular consumer magazine. Available online at  Pennard Library.
  • Who Else Writes Like?…..  A directory of authors and titles to help readers find new reading pathways. Available from[Pennard Library +@home] with your library card.

So – happy exploring.

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