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Poster, providing an ‘Update’, for March 2014 about the Pennard Librarysituation, what the “Pennard Library Action Group” has undertaken and achieved to date (q.v. their Report at, what has been stated/promised by the L.A.Councillor Nick Bradley, and also advising about a website created by the newly formed “Friends of Pennard Library “

The Save Pennard Library campaign takes to Facebook

09 DEC 2013
The “Save Pennard Library” campaign takes to Facebook

Save Pennard Library campaign (on Facebook)

Save Pennard Library campaign (on Facebook)

First created on 9 December 2013 (just after hearing the devastating news that the City & County of Swansea (our Local Authority) was proposing to close Pennard Library at the end of the financial year 2013/2014 (unless the Community came forward with a proposal for running the service themselves), the “Save Pennard Library” campaign started on Facebook was “For everyone who wants to save Pennard Library from closure as it stands now! We will NOT accept a downgrade to our current service.

Still going strong at the page currently has had (as at April 2014) some 653 ‘Likes’, and so the site, those who have posted messages, and everyone who has clicked the ‘Like’ button, are to be congratulated and thanked for getting (and keeping) the Pennard Library situation firmly in place.

To find a City & County of Swansea Councillor

The City & County of Swansea have provided a website where anyone can search for a Councillor (and their contact details) by name, electoral division, political group or committee membership. However, if you are unsure who your Councillor is you can use the ‘Write to Them’ website to find out, please use this link for more details.

Find your Councillor by choosing from one of the lists on the CCoS’ website ( OR use their

For the purposes of this blog-post, the Councillors who have been involved in a Positive or Detrimental way concerning the future of Pennard Library, are as follows:

Councillor David Phillips, Labour; Castle Ward; Leader of the Council;

Councillor Nicholas Bradley; Labour, Townhill Ward;
Cabinet Portfolio = Regeneration

Councillor Rob Stewart, Labour, Morriston Ward;
Cabinet Portfolio = Finance & Resources

Councillor June Burtonshaw; Labour, Penderry Ward;
Cabinet Portfolio = Place

Councillor Peter Black BA, AM; Liberal, Cwmbwrla Ward;

Councillor Lynda James BA (Hons) MSc; Independent, Pennard Ward;

Councillor Keith Marsh, Independent, Bishopston Ward;