FoPL AGM 2019


You are welcome to attend our AGM on Tuesday 25th June, 7.30 p.m. at Pennard Golf Club.

Here is the agenda:

  1. Welcome & thank you for your support
  2.  Apologies
  3. Approval of Minutes of the last AGM
  4. Trustees’ report – Keith Roberts / Lynda James
  5. Treasurer’s report – Mark Faulkner
  6. Questions on reports
  7.  Proposals & Resolutions
  8. Election of  Trustees: No trustees are currently at the end of their term
  9. Election of Officers. Nominations:
    –Chairman: Sarah Joiner
    –Vice chair: Will Smith
    –Treasurer: Mark Faulkner
    –Secretary: Lynda James
    –Minute secretary: Rhian Ferguson
    –Grant officer: Keith Roberts
    –Buildings Officer: Keith Marsh
  10. AOB
  11. Date of next AGM

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