FoPL Shop’s Range of Drinks and Confectionery

cokeAs well as ice cream, the FoPL shop now sells chilled drinks and confectionery:
• Coca-Cola: 65p
• Fanta Orange: 59p
• Apple Tango: 49p
• San Pellegrino Limonata: 90p
Bottled Water
• Brecon Carreg: 60p

Confectionery Price List:
• Haribo Kiddies Supermix: 10p
• Milky Bar Kid: 25p
• Cadbury Freddo Caramel: 25p
• Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles: 50p
• Haribo Tangy Minions: £1
• Cadbury Twirl: 50p
• Kit Kat Chunky Milk: 2 for £1
• Cadbury Dairy Milk 110g Bar: £1
• Maltesers Treat Bag: £1
• Twix x4: £1
• Mars Bar x4: £1
• Snickers x4: £1

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