Our basic needs are being ignored

23 DEC 2013

Our basic needs are being ignored – by Jean Morris

From: South Wales Evening Post; Tuesday December 23, 2013

Pennard Library

Pennard Library

Jean Morris wrote;-  “I AM appalled to hear plans to close down Pennard Library are in the pipeline.  On the most basic level of protest — it is right next door to the primary school.  But it is also a social centre and the beating cultural heart of Gower (the only public library in Gower).  Other libraries are too far, too inconvenient for the frail, the elderly, those with young children or those dependent on public transport.  Will Swansea Council be seen as the creator of rich, regenerative material assets such as our splendid new boulevard and SA1, yet also a body unwilling to move heaven and if need be to find the relatively modest amount of money needed to support the basic cultural needs of our rural areas?

Pennard Library closure protest

20 DEC 2013

Pennard Library closure protest

From: South Wales Evening Post; Saturday December 20, 2013

Pennard Library

Pennard Library

RESIDENTS and council members have protested against the proposed changes to Pennard Library.  The group protested at a drop-in meeting regarding Swansea Council’s budget at West Cross Community Centre held last night.  Bethan Jenkins, Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales West, said: “This protest shows the depth of feeling I am getting from people about these plans.”