January 2017 Update


Shwmae pawb,Thank you for your continued support of Pennard Library throughout 2016 and we thank our librarians, Jo and Kate, for the excellent service they provide.

We thought that you might appreciate a summary of last year’s key achievements, and what FoPL plans to do to continue to safeguard our library during 2017.

Local Authority’s response to our application to take over the library building
FoPL was pleased to hear from the the Education Department that: “the building and site has already been assessed as not surplus to the needs of the Education Estate”. We look forward, therefore, to seeing the building being properly maintained by the appropriate department.

In the Local Authority’s statement made in response to our Community Asset Transfer application, we have been reassured that: “The library is not facing closure, warranting us considering transferring the management/ownership of the asset to maintain the service.”

We set out as an organisation to thwart the closure of Pennard Library. Our presence was a catalyst for preventing its closure in April 2014. Thus far, we have been successful in this endeavour and the library is still open! We will continue to support Pennard Library until we have a building which is fit for purpose and the future of the service is secure.

FoPL Charity Shop
Our charity shop in the old post office will be permanently closing its doors on 28th February 2017, as our wonderful manager, Karen Penny, will be away for three months doing a fundraising walk from John O’ Groats to Land’s End. Karen is walking in aid of Altzheimers. If you can help by donating, please click here.

Thank you to Karen, and all of our hard-working volunteers. You’ve done an amazing job and have raised c. £40,000 in just 18 months. This money is now there to support the library, when needed. We will continue to liaise with the local authority on how this can be achieved.

Many thanks also to Will and Sarah Smith who so generously allowed us to have the shop free of charge and also to sell off the old post office stock.

To work towards our closing date of 28th February, we will stop taking donations (apart from gold, silver and valuable items) after 14th February.

Karen will continue to attend auctions. If you have any valuable items suitable for selling at auction, please contact her on 01792 230159.

AGM 2017
Our AGM will be held in the Southgate Club in June. All FoPL members are welcome. Further details will be circulated nearer the time.

A reminder that 2017 membership renewals are due from April onwards. The £5 household subscription is voluntary – what really matters is that you renew annually so that we can use subscription evidence to prove that we have strong community support. To complete your membership form online please click here. To pay your annual subscription online, please click the button below:

We thank the Gower Community for its continued support. Diolch i chi am eich cefnogaeth.

The FoPL Committee
(David Colbeck, Carolyn Davies, Rhian Ferguson, Councillor Lynda James, Sarah Joiner, Councillor Keith Marsh, Karen Penny, Keith Roberts, Will Smith)

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