2 thoughts on “Business Plan Submitted to Pennard Community Council

  1. I can see that the library has to remain near the school but, as the chair of the Community Hall when the car park was extended, I remember thearking problems we had before this extension. However I have an alternative suggestion. Very close to the surgery there is a blank corner which is currently grass and three trees.
    This could well be large enough for a library building. Parking would only be assigned problem on Monday mornings and I am sure the actual opening hours could be worked with the surgery. I would urge
    Friends to follow this idea up.

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  2. Thanks for your comment Margaret. We’ve written to Gower Medical Practice on several occasions about the land you’ve mentioned and would also like to discuss the possibility of renting their existing building. There is also another area of their land which would be suitable. As yet they’ve declined to meet with us.

    We have other ideas about how to solve the parking issues and are also in the process of commissioning a parking stress survey.

    One point is that extra parking will be created by demolishing the existing library.

    Parking really is the issue at the moment. When we have a specific proposal and have examined all of the difficulties, we will call a public meeting for a proper discussion.


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