Suggested email to David Philips, Sybil Crouch, Ryland Doyle and Rob Stewart here … Please email them BY (end of) WEDNESDAY 13th August

You are welcome to write your own words, which will add weight and power to the case to build a new building.  But if you’re short on time, a suggested email is here that you can easily cut & paste into your own email.  Just add your name at the end.  Please spread the word … we’re really excited about the opportunity the new building will give us.  Please see the previous post to see the headlines of what the new building will include.

Please send your email to ,,

Dear Councillors

I am writing to you regarding the proposed new building for Pennard Library.  Please give the go ahead to the rebuild as specified by the Friends of Pennard Library (FoPL).

Firstly it seems that spending £200,000 on refurbishing the library building does not offer the local community, nor City & County of Swansea value for money.

Secondly, and more importantly, rebuilding, rather than refurbishing the building, will allow us to secure the long term future of the library and new community services.  We need to take advantage of the £100,000 awarded to FoPL from the Pennard Community Charity to build a new library and provide the additional facilities needed to generate income to serve the whole community for generations to come.

Kind regards,



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